Torchlighters: TheJim Elliot Story


This DVD focuses on the life of Jim Elliot. The Torchlighters is an animated series telling the stories of great heroes of the faith. The year was 1956. From the steamy jungles of Ecuador, news spread around the world that five young American men were ruthlessly killed by members of the Auca tribe (now known as the Waorani)—a people the five young men had gone to serve and tell about Jesus. That seemingly senseless tragedy that occurred a half century ago became an inspirational marvel as family members of those killed, compelled by the grace of Christ, went back to the tribe and shared the message of forgiveness and salvation with the very men who had speared their family members! This is the story of one of those Torchlighters. In this inaugural Torchlighters episode, we follow Jim Elliot’s adventures from his college years to his work in the jungles of Ecuador, showing young people his faith in action as he answers God’s call to do the seemingly impossible. As an added bonus, the program includes an interview with Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint (martyred with Jim Elliot). To purchase the DVD The Torchlighters: The Jim Elliot Story from The Voice of the Martyrs, visit purchase, visit

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