The Welsh 1859 & 1904 Revivals


Duration 29 minutes

Throughout history their have been times when the light of the Gospel has shone
especially bright. The revivals of 1859 and 1904 in Wales stand as powerful examples.
Marked by a commitment to prayer and bold preaching for repentance inside and
outside of the church, the Welsh revivals “ran through the (Welsh) mountains like fire
through thatch,” as one commentator describes it.

During this outpouring of the Spirit, churches were packed, streets were filled with
believers singing hymns and crime rates and drunkenness decreased dramatically.
Prayer meetings routinely ran late into the night, and attendees were often seen either
crying over their brokenness or shouting for joy at God’s grace as nominalism and
dead orthodoxy were replaced by passionate love for Jesus. This phenomenon was
highly publicised by the press as the spiritual awakening impacted all of Welsh life.

This documentary traces the origins of the revival, introduces us to its leaders
such as Dafydd Morgan, Thomas Charles Edwards, Evan Roberts and follows
its lasting impact upon the world.

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