Sweet Inspirations


When four women who feel like they aren’t making a difference through the church events they attend are inspired to somehow help a struggling women’s shelter, they begin an unanticipated journey that takes them to the unlikeliest of places. Their church has recently acquired a dilapidated restaurant, so the four friends take it upon themselves to renovate the establishment in order to use it to raise money for the domestic violence ministry that’s in financial straits. However, things don’t go as they planned, and they must each learn unique lessons about trusting God and not living in their own strength.

BBFC – 12 Certificate

Violence: There is a scene in which a woman explains that she has taken her child and left an abusive relationship, and which also includes a brief reference to her husband assaulting their young daughter. There are also other undetailed verbal references to domestic abuse.

There are brief scenes of emotional upset which contain reassuring outcomes. There is also brief mild innuendo and infrequent very mild bad language (‘hell’).


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