Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God


“The Puritans, as a body, have done more to elevate the national character than any class of Englishmen that ever lived. Ardent lovers of civil liberty, and ready to die in its defense—mighty at the council board, and no less mighty in the battlefield—feared abroad throughout Europe, and invincible at home while united—great with their pens, and no less great with their swords—fearing God very much, and fearing men very little—they were a generation of men who have never received from their country the honor that they deserve.”

–J.C. Ryle (introduction to Thomas Manton’s Works, 2:xi)

Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God Deluxe Edition (Pack) (6 Dvds + Book + Workbook Set)


HD digital streaming of the film and all lessons is included with every Deluxe Edition Box Set purchase. 

DVD 1:

The feature-length documentary PURITAN: All of Life to the Glory of God(02:07:58) featuring Al Mohler, Conrad Mbewe, Geoff Thomas, Gloria Furman, Ian Hamilton, Jeremy Walker, J.I. Packer, Joel Beeke, John MacArthur, John Piper, John Snyder, Kevin DeYoung, Leland Ryken, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, Michael Reeves, Rosaria Butterfield, Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, and Steven Lawson.

DVD 2:

Special Features Disc with over 2.5 hours of video content from Media Gratiae and Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

DVD 3: 

To God’s Glory: Lessons on Puritanism, Disc One

Puritan Bios Vol 1:
William Perkins – Stephen Yuille — (18:16)
Richard Sibbes – Mark Dever — (8:56)
Oliver Cromwell –  Michael Haykin — (13:01)
Thomas Goodwin – Joel Beeke — (15:50)
Richard Baxter – JI Packer — (24:00)
John Owen – Sinclair Ferguson — (17:41)
Christopher Love – Geoff Thomas — (10:38)
John Bunyan – Derek Thomas — (14:07)


DVD 4: 

To God’s Glory: Lessons on Puritanism, Disc Two

Puritan Bios Vol 2:

John Flavel – Brian Cosby — (14:22)
Matthew Henry – William VanDoodewaard — (19:48)
American Puritans – Stephen Nichols — (17:48)
Jonathan Edwards – Joe Rigney — (12:54)
Puritan Women: Katherine Willoughby & Anne Bradstreet – Michael Haykin —(17:21)
Dutch “Puritans:” Gisbertus Voetius &Wilhelmus à Brakel  – Joel Beeke — (19:12)
Scottish “Puritan:” Samuel Rutherford – Ian Hamilton — (18:09)
Twentieth-Century “Puritan:” Martyn Lloyd-Jones – Jason Meyer — (13:52)


DVD 5: 

To God’s Glory: Lessons on Puritanism, Disc Three

Puritan Themes Vol 1:

The Westminster Assembly – Chad Van Dixhoorn — (18:40)
Puritans on Regeneration and Conversion – John Snyder — (13:15)
Puritans on Conscience – David Murray — (21:20)
Puritans on Zeal – James LaBelle — (16:49)
Puritans on Suffering and Providence – Brian Cosby — (13:47)
Puritans on Marriage – Joel Beeke — (18:14)
Puritans on Family –  Joel Beeke — (19:09)
Puritans on Education –  Leland Ryken — (15:02)
Puritans on Work and Money – Leland Ryken —(15:52)


DVD 6: 

To God’s Glory: Lessons on Puritanism, Disc Four

Puritan Themes Vol 2:

Puritans on Shepherding – William VanDoodewaard — (19:25)
Puritans on Preaching – Joel Beeke — (15:58)
Puritans on Church and Worship – Derek Thomas — (14:10)
Puritans on Sabbath – Greg Salazar — (17:24)
Puritans on Evangelism and Missions – Joel Beeke — (21:07)
Puritans on Awakening and Revival – John Snyder — (12:03)
Puritans on Politics and Culture – Greg Salazar — (19:32)
Puritans on Paedobaptist Covenant Theology – Mark Jones — (18:08)
Seventeenth Century Baptist Covenant Theology – Jeremy Walker — (21:53)
Practical Conclusions – Joel Beeke — (13:59)
Following God Fully: An Introduction to the Puritans by Joel R. Beeke and Michael Reeves (176 pages) Exclusive foil-stamped and screen-printed cloth gift edition.
One copy of  To God’s Glory: Lessons on Puritanism by Joel R. Beeke and Nicholas J. Thompson. (256 pages) Each member of your group study is recommended to have his or her own copy of the workbook.
One PURITAN: All of Life to the Glory of God Movie Poster (9.5″ x 14″)
Five Postcard Prints, (5.5″ x 9.5″) featuring the photography of director Stephen McCaskell from his forthcoming Coffee Table Photography Book.
Instructions for accessing HD streaming digital versions of the film and the video lessons.
Various inserts from Media Gratiae, Reformation Heritage Books, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, etc, including info on the PURITAN Soft Goods Collection.

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