EYEWITNESS: Paul’s Letters

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The Eyewitness Bible Series is a fascinating behind-the-scenes study of the people and stories that are bedrock to the Christian faith, ancient stories that still echo with deep signficance for today’s world through eyewitness accounts. The series of narrations are an exploration of Scripture to empower your faith.

There is treasure hidden in Paul’s thirteen letters, but the path to find it is not obvious. In the Bible Paul’s letters are not sequenced in chronological order. Paul wrote his letters within the two decades of A.D. 48 to A.D. 68. His thirteen generally accepted letters are arranged in the New Testament in two blocks: the nine written to churches, then the four written to individuals. The nine written to churches are generally placed in order by length. This series presents Paul’s letters in 17 segments as follows:

1 – Upside Down World
2 – Galatians 1-2
3 – Galatians 3-6
4 – First Thessalonians
5 – Second Thessalonians
6 – First Corinthians 1-7
7 – First Corinthians 8-16
8 – Second Corinthians
9 – Romans 1-8
10 – Romans 9-16
11 – Ephesians
12 – Colossians
13 – Philemon
14 – Philippians
15 – First Timothy
16 – Titus
17 – Second Timothy

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