Blessing, Curse or Coincidence? (Study Series)



The Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence? Study series is Thirteen half-hour programmes originally produced for television. First shown on Revelation TV this study series, presented by Stephen Briggs, runs through each chapter of “Blessing Curse or Coincidence?” and is followed by a studio panel expounding the scriptures and themes of that programs topic on the major covenants in Scripture.

Guest panelists include Roy Thurley, David Noakes, Mac Kingsbury, Hugh Kitson, Rev. Murrary Dixon, John Hayward and Tom Chacko.
This series “…powerfully emphasises the Biblical meaning of covenant, the faithfulness of God and why Israel of Scripture is both an enigma and an indestructible people.” – MarvinR. Wilson, professor of Biblical Studies, Gordon College, Wenham, MA.

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