A Touch of Plass


“He makes me laugh and laugh” 

“His faith is very real” 

Adrian Plass is probably Britain’s best loved Christian humorist and writer. His lovingly satirical observation of modern Christianity has found a home in the hearts of believers of all denominations.

For eight months, CTA’s award winning documentary maker Crawford Telfer filmed Adrian as he travelled the UK and Europe on his many speaking engagements – sometime accompanied by his wife Bridget – a popular performer and author in her own right.

This fly on the wall documentary goes behind the scenes. It captures the real Adrian Plass as he travels, meeting interesting and sometimes familiar characters, sharing his thoughts on life and God. Locations include Spring Harvest at Minehead, Nuremburg in the heart of Germany, the bowels of a nuclear submarine and the inner sanctum of Radio two’s Terry Wogan Show.

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